:-) BBC Material

BBC1 right now, if anyone’s watching, my neighbour’s gonna be on it lol. Let me tell you that it isn’t for a good reason either ;P. We’ve had had problems with him for a while, and finally he’s being taken away! W00t!

~ ewok

I’m in the states, kinda wish we did get BBC here sometimes, but why is he being taken away?

Lol wdf? is he some kind of chav?

whoa…im lost whats BBC? lol

Like CNN. Don’t know exactly what it stands for, but I know every time my family’s gone to Europe we’ve been able to get BBC and it’s cooler than US news.

ahh ok. so ur neighbors on the news and gettin taken to jail? sweet…my old neighbor used to be a complete nutcase, she mowed her lawn 7 times a day at least and i think i seen her talking to her Lawn Gnomes and was obsessed with her Lawn Flamingoes…

It stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, I think. It’s basically a news program.

Best Bathroom Cleaner i guess…

Soooo…you hate your neighbour? lol :smiley:

:gangster: ~Raven

Im not that bad… The cops really had no reason to take me away grumble

I’ll just kill the guards and escape again… Then I’ll kill parris…

Lol Daniel…I never knew 13 year olds go to jail :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you know? They cleaned your bathroom???

lol…its just a catch phrase…

British Broadcasting Company, it’s not a news channel at all really. They show the news 2 or 3 times a day for an hour, the rest of the time it’s entertainment TV like Emmerdale Farm and Eastenders.

My neighbour was on Britains Worst Neighbours, and I just found out, they aren’t evicting him :(. Apparently they have no reason. On the TV, they said he played music extremely loud, with an annoying base beat. What they didn’t tell you is that every window is broken as he has a habit of throwing things out (he even threw a microwave onto my neighbours balcony :P).

Daniel, you seem like the sort of person that would get his girlfriend to swat the spider in the bath.

~ ewok

Lol ur neighbors must be good at cleaning bathrooms to get on BBC (Best Bathroom Cleaners)!
lol jk, but ur neighbors sound like nutcases!

They are =.=

My other neighbour makes strange noises as I walk by his house through the letterbox, or maybe that his children.

CNN is so boring, my eyes bleed. I’ve only watched it once…a clip on BBC lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

bbc rocks, i see that america have CNN, and ABC, but bbc, in my view is the best, but i haven’t really had the time to watch any other news things.
oh, and i’m glad your neighbour got kicked out, if he’s been giving you problems then it serves him right!