BBQ at draynor!

mmmm bacon heh heh

hope your hungry :evil:

me and deadmeat already got pic of that, lol im not saying u cant.

hahaha I like bacon

DUDE!@# How are u there alone!~@@ there are like millions of poeple when i go there to get the new seeds!@#

:hyper: :laughing: i like bacon. good pics

:shocked: I need to get me some bacon!! :smiley: Lol nice pic mate


lol funny but cud do with some improvment

Aww. Everyone’s so mean to the poor lil piggies.

Hehe, They’re Roast Pork.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Hmm sexeh bacon =)

He is probably in free.

lol cool gimme some bacon!!! :-p

I am vegetarian in real life, not kidding.

Not The Piggies Nooooo!

lol bacon hmmmmmmmm