Beegee The Noob!

Well, Beegee, a member of RSR, has scammed me 170K… Now he’s ignoring me in chat and lying to me…

Honestly, put Beegee on you’re ignore list, he’s a n00b…

as i said earlyer, i got hacked!

You knew you had 170K that was rightfully mine! I asked you for it BEFORE you got hacked, you wouldnt give it back!!

You can bloody well earn it back you n00b!

what did i say!!! i said i am gonna earn it back!

You didnt say anything, you ignored me.

what im doing:
im woodcutting magics to earn my cash back

You coulda just gave it back as soon as you’d got it…

yeah, but i was ticking noobs :wink:

lol, just u 2 talking,
couldnt this have been a good pm topic?


Well Beegee, you could have used you’re money to trick noobs, not mine! You’ve just become a noob infact!

he was telling the whole of rsr though :eek:

i lost 2 rune plates, a scimmy, axe zammy helm and legs for this? god it makes me want to quit…

Yeah, bet you’re humiliated now, shows you should’ve given me the money when I asked for it, not after you’d been hacked!