before i do the latest quest.

Before i actually do the latest quest (as well as minigame after it), i have a few questions:

  1. does the key dissapear overtime (Runehq said it)?
  2. can you actually “choose” your own “spear?”
  3. Is it tradable?
  4. is the minigame treasure hunting limited time only.

BTW, I am going to need the following:

  1. glory ammy (2 at least, 200k worth)
  2. 500 laws (250k worth)
  3. games necklace
  4. ring of dueling
  5. that harp thing from fremmenik
  6. finish tree gnome village
  7. finish watch tower
  8. get good magic to tele to ardougne and yanille.

well i need answers if this finding the god spears is timed or not (disinigrate overtime or such).

  1. It dissapears after you get all 3 staves.
  2. No. It is a random spear that you find.
  3. Yes.
  4. There is no time limit, but, as I said, after you get all 3 staves it dissapears.