Being cool good or bad

What do u think of being some1 whos cool do u thinks it good or bad u may answer the poll if u like

It depends on what you’re talking about.

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i talking about what do u think about people being cool like for exmaple u see a guy walking down the streen with cool clothes on is it good to be cool:tinfoilha

Well, what they wear and what they do all depends on their intentions (in your case: good or bad). If they are the people that get good grades in school, do their chores, get in with the right crowd, and are popular in a good way; they can be cool for the better… But if they get into the whole sex, drugs, and alcohol bit… things can get ugly and it is not good to be cool…

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Well, I would like to be in the good side then, I just can’t stand people look like gangsters, thinking they look all bad and all that.

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neither can i im a idoit i put yes in i was suppose to vote for no but it came as yes dam it oh dam it

wth this is confusing

being bad!

Really, it all depends on what you think is cool. I mean some people consider the gangster look cool. And other consider it bad. So really, it all depends on what you, yourself, think is cool. And, it depends on what kind of person you are.

You know being “cool” or “not cool” is kind of stereotyping if you think about it… One person could be totally cool in someones mind, but another person might think he/she is a loser lol… Also I’m kind of down with the whole gangster look… Well it is practically my whole wardrobe… Oh well lol

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I mean yes in a way.I mean being cool gets u more friebds quicker,but i mean no in a way as well.I mean no because people be cool for smokeing,graffity and vaderlisem so thats why i say no

True… But not all of the bad things of beling cool have to do with smoking, graffiti, and vandalism lol…