Being stretched on the Rack.

This was requested by someone, I think Slortar. It is not the best job, but enjoy.

great work this pic is cool
it just looks a bit like hes standing, but i rate it 9/10
sickmate 8)

9.5/10 good job… just a little to much of an angle… so wheres the chaos staff?

nice :slight_smile: 9.2938478574/11.2039394848594

Lyons an autoer just look at those numbers!
Lol nice grading system lyon…

LOL pretty funny! :lol: Excellent! :stuck_out_tongue:

wow 10/10
keep it up!!! 8O

i posted it in another thread

9.5/10, looks nice :slight_smile:

cool, 8/10, how tall did you get? lol

Hey that is awesome. Your one of the top 40 screenshot makers in runescape realm definetly. But 9.9 out of 10…AWESOME