Benefits of Being a Member

I have recently reached over level 55 and I am thinking about becoming a member on Runescape, and i want to know is the very high price :lol: of 5 USD a month worth it. Please list benefits below…

You can increase your combat and train alot faster,But also if you are not ready for members it is pretty well a waste of money, Make sure you have about 500k to purchase all the items you would like to get you on the road to members.

You don’t need cash to have fun in members. When I started I was lucky to have 100k. There are a lot of benefits though. Such as: new weapons and armor, more quests, more lands to go to, more monsters, and more ways to make money.

I have plenty of money (screenshots). :wink:

Iced is right you dont need alot of money to be able to have fun, BUT having money can get you a couple of the new weapons and items that can get you on the road to making money such has Fletching or Herblore.

and of course u get to play the great game of castle wars which is kind of like capture the flag

and u get to do things like fletch and agility thieving and herblore and some other stuff

u can also get more things like n fishing mining and cooking


When I became a member, I had about 2 million cash and I spent it all within 2 weeks on all the new things. As others say it is not necessary but is defianately better.

i recomend you to become a member, you wont regrett!