Best Anti-Pking trip ever! My little story+pic

Well it happend like this i was walking around for a while in the wilderness right and so i decided to go over to the greater demons.slowly i walked over to my luck no-one there so i thought why not kill a demon he might have a rune large. so i killed that beast and i turned around to pick up some burnt bones (i dont know why) a lvl 66 with this stuff on just popped up out of nowere. I toke a deep breathe and went in for the attack i was thinking. “pfft hes gonna run and i am never gonna get anything like usuall.” but i didnt really care so i attacked hoping for a little fight but in an instant his hopes and dreams went crashing down when i hit a big 10 (lol) and killed him in one shot. I felt soo cool i didnt want to get pked with this stuff so i ran to varrock safeley and sold the goods. :o :lol: :lol: not much but the best ive scored pking. and if u read this dont mock me by saying IVE GOTTEN BETTER YA DA YA DA YA DA i dont care if u have iam just telling you that i got something good. so rate out of ten plz.

thats good 8O … must have got at least 140k with that! :Dand no i havent gotten better…ive got nothin at all. i never pk. if i did i would die straight away

lol thx its the best ive ever gotten

That’s almost a full rune kill. Congratz on your anti-pk. At least now I know there’s more anti-pkers than I thought there was.

gratz, i know you said not to say this :roll: …but my pk was better lol, look on my post :slight_smile:

mine wasnt. I’m level 53 and that doesnt leave much room to pk. but that was nice :lol: . O well. How is everyone so lucky. I got full iron (i know) once. Everyone is so lucky!!!

wow! thats great the best i ever got was like an addy long lol(i dont pk…yet) for me i’d rate that a 7/10

Not terrible loot, how big was the group you were with?

nice pk! were you ranging when you pked him?

id rate 8/10…im a huge pker…im only lvl 28 combat but i dont normally stop pking…im always at castle or giants or sometimes just in lvl 1…the only time im outta wild is when im banking selling pk scores or fishing for lobbies(very tiring in fact)…nice kill

no group just me.
i only get like rune legs or a kite in my trips with my clan because theres so many people there. so i just went on a little trip by myself because its fun.

nice pk the best ive ever gotten was
rune legs
rune hatchet
rune kite
lots of lobbies

Nice pk why do you say the stuff wasn’t really that good it was good.

good PK!

yea it was pretty good then but 2 days later i got full rune check it out in my other post

i got better i gor a mithril medum off pking muwahwhahwhawhahwhah

thats pretty good. id rate it 7.5/10

doesnt ur sig say anti-pker?
Anyway well done 8O

o btw nice range lvl i just noticed that!

wow pretty impressive