best april fools joke

What was your best april fools joke that ever worked? Mine happened a little while ago.

~Get a blank detention slip from teacher
~Forge a detention with the help of someone with neat handwriting.
~Show it to brother, saying it’s an april fools joke for my mom.
~Show my mother (She actually believed me!)
~Explain to her its not real
~unplug computer and take out of room
~Lie down in bed sobbing
~When brother gets home and asks how she reacted, I say she gave me the belt, ten lashings, took my computer away for a month, grounded till next week, because she didn’t believe me.

~Kill two birds with one stone. :slight_smile:

lol nice 1.
im too lazy to do any april fool jokes lol.
sickmate 8)

nice… i haven’t thought up a april fools joke yet…

well my best ever april fools wasnt on the day but still funny the skool newsletter oh yes!

got ma hands on the computer left on wiv the news letter

i changed it to

school newsletter:
new staff:
han solo
nick naluty
qui gon jinn
sasha boran colen

the school fund raiser made 7.9 billion for african fammine well done
random drug test tommorow for all you dirty crack smokers

the following teachers are fired:
<i put all the fourm tutors>
QUICK NOTE tommorow is bring your parnts to school day!

i had every fourm laughing for a week people always remeber me for it lol

XGod-chaserX, that is hilarious. I can never think of any good jokes to do on april fools day. :frowning:

Best one i’ve done is switch the cereal bag from inside the box with another cereal :oops:

well mine happened today, i usually get detentions and everytime my mom sees a pink slip she flips out. well today i talked to the assi. principal and asked im if he could write me up for an april fools joke and he agreed. and on the pink slip said " dress code violation- #7 of 10- saturday detention served on june 4" and at the bottom it said “april fools” lol i sowed my mom she didn’t even look at what it said. and i was nervous then cause she really tought i was writen up and i said “mom! woah woah you didn’t even read the disipline notice” she read it and smacked me in the head lol that was my best i think.

Heh, those detention slip ones were pretty funny… But yeah, I was kinda scared that someone might have pranked me so I kinda was looking out for trouble that may have been heading my way so I never got to prank anyone… Oh well…