best items 4 barrows

what are the best items to take to barrows, and do i have the stats for it (im gettin slayer up coz i know slayer dart is pretty strong) (stats in sig they are accurate(the goal sig))

i would personly take d legs rune pl8 d scimmy d helm and rune kite but thats just me

i dont hav d legs nor the money 4 them, and im maging

Use slayer dart, fire blast, or ice burst. For equipment: slayer staff, ancient staff, farseer, glory, mystic robes and stuff, range equipment, (for arhims) pray pots and food.

slayer dart owns out of all of those on barrows

im only 55 range is tht good enuf? and i shud melle karil rite?

Never use Acient magicks, that’s just waste of runes
slayer dart is too slow, so the best way is us fire blast cheap and normal strong :slight_smile:

I usually take full infinity robes or ahrims, ancient spells, whip, rune plate and legs, and drag hide. Desert Treasure helps kill them quick lol, but I’m told that slayer dart works great.

man lol i have bo chance against barrows so yer i would listen to all these guides

i got mystic, gonna get 55 slayer for slayer dart, and also trying to get around
60+ range so i can kill the mage, do i have high enuf combat?

Use slayer dart it owns all barrows. :frowning:

will do thts why i also hav the slayer log

slayer log??? and if SirKillalot says slayer dart owns all take that

im getting slayer to 55, i created a poswt showing what i got t kill and what they drop, i wenty barrows yesterday, kiled all but dharok, he killed me

1 thing, if you go back, you dont have to start over, you just have to kill dharock

really do u keep ur stuff though?

No, you loose all but 3 items. If you had read my barrows guide you would know what to take.

I reccomend wielded:

Full mystic
Staff of choice
Prayer book of choice
Glory or Holy Amulet

In inventory:

3 prayer pots (3)
Runes should take 2 or 3 spaces
Range gear should take 4 spaces
Stat restore potion
Sharks to fill up inventory

That should easily get you through.

i think u should really use slayer darts but that is my thought

yer getting slayer up

use prayer pots and sharks plus good armour