Best known person

Who do you guys think is the best known person.

i think its geminiman, blink, joliojoilo and of course duke

:headbange flamable20

Gemini, Infil, Iced, Jacob, Duke, Jolio, Blink, Mrparris, Sportfreak, Redwraith, Flopster, Michaelks, Malibubrad, Handmedown, OgoTheFat, keyser, Owl, Hardcore, Sela, Cibola, NETzERO, Birjel, Xgod, Dedmen, Calanelcough cough Chaosnoob cough cough…ummmm sry if i forgot u! ill edit it if i did Lol

Why not put my name in there?

:huge: joking joking…
off topic: am i well known at all tho?
:headbange flamable20

lol yea ur well known but i thought u meant like the top well known ppl. u know like theyre are the top well known ppl then like a middle class then low class then…yea well i just posted ppl who when someone said RSR, theyre names would come to mind. keep posting here and once u get like over 1k posts youll be pretty ell known :slight_smile:

I think Sela and Net are also getting pretty well known. Might wanna add them.

Ha! i added em but in my eyes theyre only well known for spamming every damn topic they can get their hands into!!! lol jk…but not really.

Lay off, they brighten up these forums when they get dull. I don’t class what they post as spamming.

And watch it, there’s already a “most respectable” on here.

~ ewok

Well, Calenel was pretty well known, but he only became “famous” persay after his infamous departure spaz-out.

And besides, Net and Sela are well known, whatever for.

actualy that is what i meant…lol

:headbange flamable20

You have to admit, he was well known before that, he was kinda good at fakes and stuff, though as time wore on, he began to get more “spammy” and just flipped in the end.

~ ewok

Notice how i said JK at the end…

Yes, but imagine how sick and tired you’d be if you got called a spammer on every other post, joke or not.

~ ewok

yea ok got it, but u do realize how off topic they get and such right? but just to let ya know i was jk

We’re sort of off topic right now, discussing the type of people Sela and N E T are. And being called something so many times sticks with you, to form a reputation, they’re not that sort of people.

~ ewok

okay ur rite sry, i meant it just as a joke but i see what u mean. back on topic…anyone else i forget?

well actually you were one of my thoughts but your not in my top three well known… and d link b is well known too… :huge:

I’d say that Duke, Sportfreak56, IcedEarth15324, Joliojoilo, and Dedmenwalkn are the most well-known people.

yeah i forgot about iced and sport freak… not in the top 3 although one might of topped blink…


I think the most well known are All of the moderators, Chaosnoob, all the HoL members, and Blink.

Yay! ty for mentioning me
O and thats who i was thinkin of Sportfreak. i forgot him too.