Best Monsters

I Need To Cash For Kills Not Pks
Computer Monsters
I Am F2p
Level 61 Combat
Thank U

Are u a member or not?
Freebie->Lessersor greaters(no better monsters)
Member->try green dragons

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

i said free 2 play thanx greaters mite be a little too tough still lesser good

Mabye the highest level thing u can kill in one hit? they dont give u much trouble and a reasonable amount of experience.

um…sence your f2p, u might try White Knights(lvl 36), Moss Giants (lvl 40 something), or Lesser Demons (lvl 83).

Moss Giants are lvl 42 lol, and I think you should train on While Knights. I usually do, and it proved to work out greatly!


i guess you can try mossies or white knights…hill giants also work…fight them in the underground dungeon near varrock west bank…collect their big bones and once you have 1k…sell for 350k : D

hmmm…lessers are good you get the occasional rune med

lessers are too high leveled for him

mossies all da way