best non-member weapon

does anyone know the best non-member weapon

knight’s sword

really :?:
is ot so good like that :?:

rune scimmy or 2h

lol, the knights sword isnt the best weapon! I would say rune scimmy or battleaxe, r2h is way to slow…

ill go with rune scimmy and rune b axe cuz scimmy is fast and average damage and b axe is strong damage but slightly slow

Rune 2h is defenitely strongest and most accurate.

Rune battleaxe if you want power and a shield.

Rune scim if you want fast attacking.

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I have to agree with Rune2h here.

I always use scimmy and am eagerly awaiting a dragon long…

Rune scimmy is the best. Also, everyone answer is gonna be different because its based on opinion.

i would say rune 2 hander but i like usin a shield so rune battle axe

Rune 2h :twisted:

Depends on the kind of fighter you are. If you like have alot of def and not much strength then 2h is the way to go. But on the other hand, if you have high strength but no that high def then you should consider using a scimmy so that you can hit fast.

i think rune scimmy is the best

I’d definately agree. Rune scimmy is the best I’ve found so far. I’ve tried rune 2 handers and battle axes, but they’re too slow for me… I like to hit rapidly :slight_smile: Also, when compared to a rune battle axe, the scimmy is almost identical, if not better. Yes, the baxe can hit harder, but it’s also twice as slow as the scimmy. If you hit a 16 with the baxe, but two 9’s in the same amount of time with a scimmy, the scimmy is better. I’m not such a fan of 2h just because you can’t use shield, but maybe it’s good for those with extremely high defense and strength… who knows.

Fire Staff

Non members can

Make Air’s easy
Earth’s not far away from bank
Water’s a since
Mind is 30 seconds

You Make lots of Airs
Do 20 minutes of Minds
Then use Fire Staff