best place to train

what is the best place to train… lvl 33 combat.
in f2p

are u member??

monks or guards, thats where i trained

umm… i would say… at the skeletons… wait nvm

Gaurds in alkraid

Basically just find a spot thats isolated from the rest-maybe find an area in a dungeon thats empty but has a lot of monsters.

Varrock sewers is a good place to train, though.

I think that you should train in al kharid mining pit

 that an easy way to level up until you reach level 38

         when that happen kill hill giants

thanks. the al kahird guards hit too much, the monks are good.

Dont stay at monks. Either go to dwarfs or Al Kharid Guards seeing they are much better xp.

well the best to train is to kill goblins near the crafting guild ,those goblins are at the peninsular just just "wws"from the crafting quild

Kill cows, thats what I did on my pure untill elvel 45. It may sound noobie, but when you get 8k exp in 35 mins on a level 45…

Train up at edgevill. The men are easy to kill and occasionally drop some good stuff

ok thanks… ill try the cows, men, goblins and al kahird guards.