Best site in the world.

i have had an idea to make this site different to all others. unique in its own way and the best ever. change the background to a runescape theme first because i found runevillage has the same. also, have points scored for doing good deeds and helping out people and mods. then win a prise on runescape for it. i think it would be good. what do you think?

I think it’s a pretty good idea but Jagex doesn’t really like to recognize the RS help sites so convincing Jagex to give us prizes for helping out others on help sites is going to be nearly impossible, if not impossible all together…

Go to profile and down at bottom of screen is a series of points you have participating on the site. If we gave awards people would not be themselves and would be good just to get prizes. It is a pretty bad idea.

He’s saying we make a point system based off of our own methods. Something I suggested once before. This way, only mods could give the points for doing something.

so like a rating in your side menu?

i think maybe he means out of the RSR staff’s pocket…do you tesni?

oh yeah i didn’t think about that. i just thought if jagex would like team up with runescaperealm and give the mods free ites as rewards.