best staff member?

who would you say is the best staff member on rsr, i would say duke but who would u say??

Obviously duke, is the creator and mastermind of this whole site! Without duke there is no rsr.

i would say iced, but i think this topic is pointless and should be locked.

yeah but neither would there be without all you guys would there? he isn’t superman and he couldn’t do it all himself

Duke created the site, if he had not created it, none of us would be here

er gud point but still u guys help out alot

Duke isn’t a staff member, he is the guy in charge. He watches over the staff and gives the orders.

i would say iced cause he helped me with my poem :smiley:

I’d have to say Ice because hes like the KGB of RSR, hunting down stupid topics and killing them.

I would say jolio, but since he hasn’t been doing much as a staff member lately, I’m gonna go with Sportsfreak. For being a pretty new mod, he has really picked up the iniciative to do his job. I have never seen any slacking coming from him. He was a promising person before he was a mod, and I wish him good luck on becoming global.

Wow really wasnt expecting that… But coming from you I take that as a great compliment! :smiley:

I think sportfreak and icedearth are the best. :smiley:

i’d say iced cause i see more help coming from him then neone else

I’m not making any excuses or anything, but iced is a global mod, he can make changes in any forums. I only can make changes in a couple of sections, in case you guys did not know this.

Haha, I think sportsfreak is jealous. J/K

Every mod wishes they were a global, no one will say they don’t. You worked hard for that posisiton though.

i think all of the staff members r pretty good…

ya i agree b/c just a lil while ago we had all those spammers but look at rsr now its not half as bad b/c of the mods

yeah i do aswell, but after deadmanwalkin beeing rude to me the way he was he is of my list 4 gud

Is it ok for me to say that I like all of the staff members equally? But then again kudos to Duke for making RSR though…