best time of your life.

when was the happiest time of your life? mine was when i went to america for the first time

The best time of my life was last saturday when i got to dance with the girl i love. Dont laugh at me( not you tesni everyone else lol)

i find that very nice

Last month,the Christmas Eve Dance.I got to hang out with the girl i love,and would give up for no other girl.i even got a kiss,and not those shabby kiss-on-the-cheek- ones.You can make fun of me,ive put up with it for like ever.

Mine was probably when I met my current girlfriend.

typical boys. best moment wiv their gal. so sweet

lol well it was a slow dance with the girl i love, but she wont even go out w/ me right now… ima ask her out (again, since like a month ago) soon

I can’t really list a happiest moment cause they are almost non-existent to me… Yeah, I a depressed, sad, little person but oh well… I guess the happiest moment in my life would be is when… Umm… Hold on lemme think… Think’s very hard… Umm… I guess I should say is when I got my driver’s liscense… Sorry, I’m not a very happy person… But oh well… I would say my high school graduation but I acutally was kinda sad that I won’t be seeing my high school friends ever again or something so yeah… But yeah… I guess when I got my driver’s liscense because I heard so many people fail it the first time… I managed to pass my first time but I really didn’t think it was that hard since all it was was to park your car into a random space in an empty parking lot next to the DMV, then park it going in reverse, and then parallel parking… I hadn’t a single problem parking the car in anyway… But yeah, I guess I was really happy when I got it… But yeah… Well, that’s my happiest moment of my life that I’m aware of at the moment…