Best trade ever?


Just bought an Easter Egg for under 3 MillioN!
They are 4-5M! Ima go world 2 and sell it now bye homies!

lol not bad also let me add FIRST POST YAY! well how much u gonna sell it for now?

I think 4.5m since its between the original price

kk lol 1.5mil+ profit very nice lol

Nice Job!! Wouldn’t I love to be you right now

wouldnt every1

Congratulations. I remember when you barely had 100k, look how har you’ve come.

i saw som1 sellin 1 for 3.2mil 3 days ago. i only had 2.5 so i couldnt buy it… congrats

dam wouldnt that suck

Thanks, And btw destroyer_ha, Was it you who would buy 300 yews for 100k from me? :spin: Yeah ive earned alot these days, More to come tho :smiley:

Grats :slight_smile: Rexy, can you kinda make the sig a bit smaller?

great jorb on ur 1.5mil profit ya luky ducky!

Thats pretty nice but I would appreciate a picture not that I don’t belive you.

its a nice big profit

massive congratz…you must be 1 happy man now :slight_smile:

mods’ gunna lock, no pic no proof

congratz on that luck running into that :slight_smile:

Just so you know, the “no pic, no proof” rule pretty much only applies to the wilderness forum. This guy is sharing a story with us, dont try to get his post locked.
Congrats, mate

Great job, 1.5 mil profit owns.

nice on the profit
and just get a pic of you selling your easter egg so some people will beleive you