Best way to get crafting up?

OK, i want to get my crafting up to about 40, but don’t know how to do it.

Does anyone know an easy, inexpensive way to get my crafting up?

Note: My crafting lvl is 14 and i’m f2p.

use cowhides it doesn’t cost alot and is easy.

I dunno, i’ve tried it once, i find it too hard getting the hides.

go to he lest populatied world and behind the mill in lumbridge is a farm usaly no one is in it sometime two people max i have seen was 3 and then there is a bank in danvor not far away.

make pottery til you can make holy symbols then your lvls will fly by :smiley:

if ya have the money buy all the un cuts you can then make them into rings neckless etc

Hides would be ther best at your lvl.

Spin Flax.

i would say hides

I would have to say make pottery, and mabey some occasional hides. Hides go faster if you use the bank in alkarihd(can’t spell.)
Still, bowls are the way to go.

If you read my post you would know i was f2p, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.