Best way to make money?

Ive been experiment and wonderin how to make money… ive seen people with d legs and mauls and a whole bunch of stuff that i long for and am wonderin wat is a good way to make money?

well there are many “ways” to make money, just depends wether you a member or not. if you are than bow strings (100gp each) and if your above lvl 35 thieving than steal grey wolf furs and sell them to the fur trader in varrok for 120gp each, if ur not a member than mining coal if your above 30 mining than sell the coal for about 100-150gp each

or u can sell big bones for 250gp each. :melting:

I found the best way (well at least for me :jester: :)) for f2p to make money…mostly cutting yews…sell them 200gp-300gp

I, myself, use woodcutting as my source of money… I sell yews lol. But if you have really good combat then you could just kill high-lvl monsters that drop such items as Dragon Legs and Granite Mauls. But I truly think that just about every skill has a way to make someone rich. :clown:

K that sounds good thx

if ur a member i would fletch

Your woodcutting seems brilliant, Cut Yews, and sell them between 200-250 each.

If ur a memba I would make laws and sell em 500gp-1k each.

cutting yews is best or magic trees if your a member fletcers buy them for alot

cutting yews is best or magic trees if your a member fletcer buy them for alot

i sell yews for 220gp and members probaly sell magics for 1k

well if u woodcut…
yews sell 250-300 ea
magics sell 1k ea

try selling sliver ores(above 1k ores) and go to and sell them for 300 each