Better Chefs' Guild

Has anyone ever been to the Chefs’ Guild? It doesn’t have much. The only thing you can make without bringing anything in is wine. Wheat is pretty far away. Most guilds are missing one or two things, but this is missing alot.

ya . it would be better if there was a weat feeld near the guild
and maybe grosary shop, and a fishing store than that would be an awsome guild

thats pretty much what I was thinking

The wheat fields need to be closer and thats pretty much it.

a Grochery Store, and a Guild only wheat field
, maby a room to the side thats members only were you can buy members cooking stuff

if there is a store everything should be free but i think the wheat field isnt that far away if u take a shortcut through the varrok west mine 2 the field then go back 8)

they need to have a wheat feild and cows and chikens for milk and eggs because wine stinks it only heals 10 and it hurts your attk or mabey they could put in a fishing pond where you could cage / haproon that would be awsome no more having to go all the way to karamaja to fish lobbies and swordies

The only reason that the Cooking Guild is so bad is because there isn’t a high enough cooking level requirement to get in.
I think jagex should change the level to get in the Cooking Guild to around 45, then add all those new improvements. The problem is, it would cause to many problems with people who are already in the cooking guild, but wouldn’t be able to be in it when the level is changed. :cry:
I’m sure that if their was some way to make the cooking guild better, without making lower-leveled players mad, Jagex would most likely do it.

I think there is no reason for there to be a chef’s guild, what can it be there for? I figure if anything, they should move it to close to the fishing guild (make cooks guild members!)