Beware of Loue8.He might just…GET YOU! :eek:

He steals armour…and KILLS!!EEK! :eek: :eek: :eek:

//\Another noob trying to get his post count up by double posting/putting it in the wrong topic and saying no-sense sh** but since he obviuosly hasn’t read the rules so he might get away with this

lol. oh no i hope he doesnt kill me in the wildy where u go to kill people! :open_mouth:

And have you read the rules lately?

I’m just saying why to beware!I’m not a noob. :mad:

hi how ya doin happy turkey day

Loue8 is a dotard.

My brother Pee Wee 2626 is going to kill Loue8. :cool: ← Pee Wee 2626

lol. if u went into the wild its your own fault. For god sakes people THATS WHERE YOU GO TO KILL PEOPLE. If u dont like it dont go there… lol

ughh this is spam dont double post and make pointless threads if you plan to have a future at rsr.

Sorry,I didn’t know

I didn’t go in the wilderness.

Nope but i know the most important 1
13. If someone is doing noobisch thing nmknhdragon has the right to break all the rules that apply to him at that time

Thats not a rule!

//\doesn’t know a joke when he sees 1

Its not a funny joke

a joke is a joke
a funny joke is also a joke
and a not funny joke is a joke

lol u cant die if u aint in wild!! and peewee is like lvl 7 combat probably. hes not even on hs

I never said I died!PeeWee is level 43.And whats hs? :confused: