BIG bank sale, P2p and F2p

I need the money for something with Keyser…There is a good amount of items and I didn’t feel like editing it so don’t say that something can’t be sold… and if you haven’t seen an item I have on f2p, you are either a noob or it isn’t f2p…so don’t ask if something is…and last but not least no NOOB offers…I am looking for general street price so do your homework before buying…And also, Offer a price don’t ask how much something is…Anyways here it is…

I also have-
154 yews
and am working on:
lobsters to get my cooking and fishing up
and mining(up to mith)
and smithing (up to steel legs/skirt)

thats barely 50k let alone 10m…

Or if your refering to his class youll need to get like 100k more ( i think )

Is that a crystal key? IF so 90k OR I’ll give you a glory for it.
Coal at 150 each
Gems… 200 per saph, 1k per em, 2k per ruby, 2.5k per diamond. 300 nature, 100 chaos, 900 mith bar

ill buy the feather 5gp each rsn: lucifier6

ok keyser…seeing as this is going to you can we do this so you keep your money and I give you the items and we keep a tab?
Even not…that adds up to 84150 and I can get you more coal and mith bars… and that isn’t a crystal key no…sorry

lucifer 5 per feather is good…so 10.2k

ok ill do that can u get on now?

edit: can i also buy a fire tiara for 1k?

yes, but hurry up

How much for the iron arrows.

I’ll take all the yews…add me or PM me here.

RSN: X Mr Duke X

natures 300ea?

ok, Iron arrows-15-20ea so 22k
yews 46.2k
and nats are going to keyser

i take all the iron arrows for 22k
rsn: carl de best

don’t sell it to anyone but me plz and if you see me on it might be my friend so tell them that i told them to buy it for 22k


OK…I updated the pic…as you can see I REALLY need to clean out my bank…um…all the blacked out stuff is nfs…and what someone has asked for only ask for if you can go higher…

Happy Bidding,

how much for te facemask?

let’s say 250gp…

28k for all the gems?

the gems are going to keyser…sorry…he just needs to get on!!!


i pay 50k for all gems

i’ll buy the cosmics at 90 ea, nats at 300 ea, and the gold bars at 200 ea

ill buy a set of blue boots 2k? rsn: harley248