BIg bAnk saLE-----rsn: Newb25

i have lots of things so ask but here is a few:

full armor (bronze iron steel blk mith addy and rune)
all weapons up to mith
addy scimmy
rune pick
addy (g) pl8body
1k steel arrows
500 mith arrows
rune scimmy
most gloves boots and capes
all ores below mith

if u lookin for something i might have it

my bank is pretty much full

and i member

i have 500 coal!

and 100 mith!

and i sell rune halberd 105k

by the way when i mention all weapons up to mith that includes all mith

hello any1?

How much rune full??
How much 1k steel???

how much for the mith arrows?

how much for full rune?
and do u only have 1 set?

220k for full rune and i always have one to sell

is the rune halberd members?

steel arrows 30k

mith offer

Newb is the rune halberd members???

ya rune hally is member

i now also have uncut sapphires, emeralds, and rubies

i only have 500 steel arows left but i make more soon

o and i got all herbs under lvl 25 herb

and unids above lvl 25

reminder any1 who wants to buy something

rsn: newb25

i on everyday from 4:10-6 central standard time

pm me in game and tell me wat u wanna buy!

i have so much armor
i have all fricken types
some1 buy some
i still have full every type but dragon

ill buy all the gems and the arrows if u have em and the rune scimmi if i like the price

rsn xfourx

ill buy full rune 200k

i buy the steel arrows 4 35k gandalf 2019 don’t sell them be4 checkin my price i will go higher than any1 else

ill buy rune full without helm rsn:wen yong0 and kite shild

Can i buy the 500 coal?