BiG BaNk SaLe

ok i have to much junk and i just wanna get rid of em
give me offers for em and we can come to a deal

lobbies are 60k+ will wait for a day to see if any higher offer’s

some items are more demanding than other so the same as lobbies wait a day to see if any offer’s

{gaum leaf}{cooked lobbies}{brown headband}{oakshort(u)}
{rune d §}{runescimmy}{chocolate dust}{crushed gemstones}
{rune bars}{cut opal}{raw lobbies}

i dont know alot of prices so beware i will be using price guides so i dont get ripped off

and plz note i am only a lvl 36

and if u have any requests plz dont resatate to ask.

Dave did you seriously catch all them lobbies? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any way ill buy your herbs of u

yes u wanna offer?

rune dagger § how much, I don’t offer so give me price also ill trade mining helm and bone spear for rune scimmy!?!

i dont know the price’s for rune d §
so il say a wildy guess of 20k although i will withheld from sale incase of and offer’s

as for scimmy im not realy interested in them helms as i already own one

56k for both scimmys

58k and you have got a deal

ok sure ill pm u in game

any more offer’s?

will buy ur cooked lobbies fer 150 ea,om me in runescape
hpe we got the deal.

i meant pm me in runescape:P

how much for all the coal? offer and i’ll think about it.