Big Blue Boo


60/70 Range - Not complete
Mage Arena - Not Complete
1/35 Agility - Not Complete
Horror From The Deep - Not Complete
Full Zammy Book - Not Complete

I don’t really transfer from main to pure. I get unids on my pure, then I ID the ranarrs only on my main. Then sell, but the money from ranarrs stays on main.

Then I sell the rest of the unids. I sold about 350 unids last night.

congrats man good luck on your goals

Gratz, i would tell you to add me but yeah lol.

Eheh. Yeah. Man, I missed Big Blue Boo so much. I haven’t leveled him in so long. I’m kinda mad cause I get owned easily, more and more good low level pkers come.

I’m pure mage\range.

I’ll pull out zammy staff/book for warriors\hybrids. I’ll pull out range against mages.

I’m still leveling a lot before pking.

Im gonna start collecting herbs on my pure. Its a great way to make cash.

noob kay lol

I r noob? I know you own me but I own some peeps…I think…=[

I’d recommend using knives on those chaos druids, its easy way to earn 250k a day.

Nice range level Lutenist! Congratulations!