Big News in High scores!

Old nite goes down!



Ooh, he probably doesn’t even notice. When he does, he’ll work his az off for that 136 xp!

ooo old nite got owned =]

wow, nice find…ive seen old nite, zezima, and bunch of other high levels but never n0valfe…he must be secretive when he trains

oooooooooo old nite just got burned!

He runs laws sometimes in 66 and I’ve ran nature runes for him as well. I’m sure Old Nite will get 2nd back soon, it’s only 136 experience.

ya prolly
old nite must be pissed about the 136exp -.-

noooo im a old nite fan!

Oh noes! The Old Nite is officially in 3rd place :frowning:

The old nite owns n0val and zezima, he’ll catch up.

omg, i cant believe i posted on this!!!

wow…that sucks for The Old Nite

ive never heard of Nova before though…

the old nite has some work to do

he probably dosn’t notice though

sucks for old nite