Biggest Goal Yet - Achieved

Yup, I finally did it. My biggest goal yet has finally been accomplished.

~[u]Goal Points[/u]~
-200 Quest Points - DONE
-1500 Total - DONE
-Level 60+ All Skills - DONE

And well, they say pictures speak a thousand words, so here ya go.

Awmagawd! First post! Congratz!


Congrats Ice, get some more goals in there :P.

Nice one mate!

Very nice.

congratz ice, I hope you can do all stats 70+ :stuck_out_tongue: go for it!

Congrats, now lets see some of that cooking go up…

n33bzorz :slight_smile:

It’s funny, i have 1531 total, and yet im not 60+ skills or 200 qp yet =P.

Awesome! Congrats! Im not really a skill person though :smiley:

good nice skills !

Nice one… Now aim for 70+ lol…


70+ would take me forever. I almost died of boredom just trying to get 60 rc, agility, and thieving. Trying for 70 would just be like “shoot me now”.

i now feel complete…i have one stat higher then ICE

i totally have 78 flethcing w00t


Uh yea, I just got 78 fletching like an hour ago, it was close to a lvl, but I didn’t want to mess up the coolness I had.

Congratulations Ice! I remember you talking to me on AIM about this the other night. I thought you were nuts, and I still think you are. Other than that… Took you long enough :stuck_out_tongue:

gratz ice on 60 rcing

congratz ice =[P

wooohoo i have better magic than you -.- very giid stats