Bill Clinton - Not for the Good of the Community?

WARNING: If you are not mature enough, you know by reading this, do not go further into this topic, it’s just I don’t want immature responses.

Well, as most of you Americans know, Bill Clinton was once the president of the United States. I am not entirely sure about him, there are pieces of evidence that he most likely wasn’t ready for the job. For Example:

Mr. William J Clinton was married, had a daughter about in college, and there was a high school/college student, Monica Lewinsky, that was selected to work around in the White House. Well, people fingerprinted Bill Clinton, and it was said he had sexual intercourse with the said student. There was a review about the whole thing, he was there, and he looked the camera straight in its eye and said “I, did not, have sexual intercourse with that student.”, The clip is usually played every so often, but let me tell you, there was enough evidence to tell he was lying.

Clinton has avoided some of the most toughest situations by bringing up a different one. For example: People were bringing up dozens of rumours about him, and he immediately skips them by bringing up the Vietnam War. Not the high and allmighty miracle worker you thought he was, eh?

There was some action taken against him, for he was impeached in 1999 from the U.S. House of Representatives. Though these topics are always brought up every now and then.

Now, I want your opinion of Bill Clinton, what do you think of him? Did I change your opinion about him? Any other questions?

Enough with interrogations, let the debating start.


Who cares about his personal life when he was a great President!?

Bill Clinton did his job as President. He was one of the greatest Presidents and did the job he was elected to do.

His personal life should be personal. He isn’t a great husband. But he was a great President.

he was a great president, and he was born in the same city i was :slight_smile:

Ah, quite. But remember how I said he looked the camera straight in the eye and lied? Would you call a lying president a good one? I also said that he skipped rumors of himself by bringing up the Vietnam War. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

He lied about having an affair. That’s hardly anything compared to fabricating evidence for a war. There were people who said (to me) that Clinton should be shot for lying about that. Yet today there’s hardly any of the uproar about allegations that Presidential elections in Ohio were rigged.

I don’t think Clinton was all that fantastic a President. He deliberatly kept us out of Rwanda, and left the current administration with an economy that was about to plunge anyways.

even if he did lie which we arent positive about is terrible it isnt something that affected the whole country but if he lied about WMD’s then i would say yes he was a bad presisdent but he did a wonderful job as president and i think people should have left his personal life and problems along as they arent our business

i dont really care, and i didnt bother reading the big red letters. Also wat decade r u in he got…(wats the word)…well , kicked out of office a loooong time ago

umm he didnt get kicked out of office he was done with his time and we elected a new president which wasnt a very good choice

He was a HORRIBLE president. He gave our nuclear secrets to the chinese goverment, they arnt even our allies… In my opinion he should have been charged with treason.

Synther, you obviously think he was a good president: why?
shadowstar, you think he was a bad president: why?

I don’t know alot about him and the time he was pres, because at that time i wasn’t very intrested in politics…

I stated why. He also had the chance to get Bin Laden when Sudan had him but he decided not to take him. Remember 9/11 is not the first thing Bin Laden has done he has done many other things around the world.


>.< now it’s my turn to learn you =p

Bill Clinton was a TERRIBLE president. And was impeached mind you, it’s just the stupid Senate didnt have the balls to charge him with anything. Let’s see… Bill Lied under oath in court… Bill had sex with a girl the age of his daughter… Bill launched Tomahawks at Iraq during the impeachment process to try and take attention away from the impeachment process… Bill sold missle secrets to china (china didn’t know how to pack nukes into the head of a missle and have it work) in exchange for more chinese TV channels and money (which is the main thing he was impeached for, although the media would never let you know that)… And finally Bill destroyed the economy. You notice how the economy dropped noticable within the last months of Bill’s term and the first 6 months of Bush taking office? It takes time for a president’s actions to take effect… Bill did NOT do his job…

lol, okay

Teach me all you want! As long as I teach you about the other issues that matter more to me :wink:

I didnt say matter, I said know :wink:

lol, I wont argue much here :stuck_out_tongue:

Just out of curiousity, do you support Bush?

Foreign affairs, yes, he’s doing the right thing in Iraq and he’s handling foreign diplomacy like he leads the most powerful country in the world as he should (I.E. going into Iraq without support of the U.N.)

Internal affairs, no. He doesn’t reduce taxes, his education policies blow, and he cares too much about his image with the people. He should just do his job as he was elected to do it, he shouldn’t care what the newsmedia says about him

I thought so.

It’s only what i’ve been debating for the past 2-3 years :slight_smile:

You have the exact same views as my dad, strange lol. (Sorry that was off topic lol)

So you are one of those that believe the US should be policing the world and doing things without the consent of others just because they are stronger, eh?