Bills in RS

Ok well I just found out this today and I was wondering if it was true…

…My friend said that you can have 4b at the most

2b in ur bank and 2 b in your inventory

is this true

There is a gp capp. I dont know what it is though.

o ok

i may check to see if it is on the rs forums

hmm thats a lot to think about

Does anyone have 4 Billion gp though?

Thats a hell of a lot of cooked meat :S

if u have 4 bill gp u dont need ne moe and it would be pointless to have 4bil gp u could buy everything on the game

^^ not everything 0.0… There are about 5 billion gee pees worth of basic runes in the game, upwards of 1 billion in worth of natures and laws, and Nearly 3 billion in just armour and weapons =\

i know people with more than 4b…

Its true on private survers (The one I used anyway). Not sure about on the real RS.

Either way, you could just buy a few P hat sets if you did go over the limit of 2B in your bank.