black dragon and dark phoniex armour (pics)

black drag:

dark phoniex:

thats good but it dont seem like it would fit runescape…

fully SICK MATE!!!
looks cool. if they put it in, it would have to be about 50-100mill though.
sickmate 8)

if only that were runescape armore =)

it mu online armour, lol

Nice armour but it seems familiar…hmmmmmm maybe ask the sarodomin guy?i dont know!

good but wouldnt fit runescape like other guy said

yeh, looks cool, but the colors are a bit complicated, and again, it wouldnt really go with runescape.

i really like it but it looks like u got it from somewhere else… jagex wouldnt be able to put it on there if it is copyrighted by someone… i know i would want it!

na runescape takes place in the mediavl times not ancient china

its awesome but i dont think it would fit in with the enviroment in runescape

omg i was just on a post about drag pl8 and stuff and they sed it would cost hundreds of millions and this would just be stupidly over priced and no one would be able to buy, as i sed on other post to there would have to be a stupidly hard monster (harder than kalphite) just to get the stuff :!: