Black Iron

Wanting to smith black weapons and armor. Ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen), I would like to present to you a new ore:

Black Iron Ore

What is it?
It is like iron, only black. Only used to make black weapons and armor.

What does the ore look like?
Obvious, pure black and darker than coal.

What does the rock look like?
Very, very black. It is not gray like if the ore isn’t present.

Does it have the bar verson of it?
Yes, it looks black, and like iron, it has a percentage chance of sucess, but unlike iron, the chance of sucess is 75%. And like iron, you only need one to smelt black iron bar.
Respawn time: 15 seconds.

Does it sell good?
Black Iron Ore 5-125 gp
Black Iron Bar: 12-150 gp

Mining level requirement: 20
Smithing level requirement: 20 (By the time you have the chance to smelt silver)

Weapons and Armor (note: like other weapons and armor, it uses the same number of bar like other weapon types):

Black Dagger:
level requirement: 20
xp: 27.5

Black Axe:
level requirement: 21
xp: 27.5

Black Mace:
level requirement: 22
xp: 27.5

Black Med. Helm:
level requirement: 23
xp: 27.5

Black Sword:
level requirement: 24
xp: 27.5

Black Scimitar:
level requirement: 25
xp: 60

Black Long Sword:
level requirement: 26
xp: 60

Black Throwing Knives*:
level requirement: 27
xp: 27.5

Black sq. shield:
level requirement: 28
xp: 60

Black battle axe:
level requirement: 29
xp: 82.3

Black chain body:
level requirement: 30
xp: 82.3

Black war hammer:
level requirement: 30
xp: 82.3

Black Kite shield:
level requirement: 31
xp: 82.3

Black 2h sword:
level requirement: 32
xp: 82.3

Black plate skirt:
level requirement: 32
xp: 82.3

Black plate legs:
level requirement: 33
xp: 82.3

Black plate boody:
level requirement: 33
xp: 133

*members only

If there is anything i miss, remind me and I will add it in.
BTW, I will update on adding in location for these black ores.

Now, rate it (1 for bad, 10 for good)

I accually like the idea! i like it because it would stop people selling these black items at high prices and thinking they are rare.

I think that’s pretty good… But the price ranged is has a big difference.

Does it sell good?
Black Iron Ore 5-125 gp
Black Iron Bar: 12-150 gp

5-125gp? I would say 100-125gp.

I like the idea! As PLnB said, it would stop the noobs saying “111 to buy super-rare black full! 10000000k!” lol.

go00d idea only one thing…
bether to call it black metal than black iron ore :smiley:

I like the idea but what’s with the name Black Iron? Why not just Black?

To start, you can’t predict the price it will sell for. It just doesn’t happen. Second, there is no reason to make black armor. Third, it is stronger then steel so it would have to be after steel. Steel goes up to 48, mithril starts at 50. It would take too much time to rearrange all that. Second, since it is stronger then steel it should give more exp per bar. You’ve made quite a few mistakes through this, and although you’ve thought it out, you need to think it out more.


There is simply no room in the smithing tables for black.


I promised u the locations to find black iron:
Al Kharid Mining camp
Al Karid Desert mining camp
south-east varrock
south-west varrock
hero’s guild mine
mining guild (40 total)
Port Khazard Mine

The whole of idea of Black armour is that it’s slightly rare, so it’s not going to happen.

like Skate said why black iron?
O and i dont really like the idea, i like how black is the only armor not makeable. its worse than mithril, prices of full black would be like 2k.

meh…not a really good idea…black items make you look cool and that’s why they cost a bit…making them smithable would render them useless…

eaglesfan has a point,
but i think it would be cool to smith black