Black Knights Vs The runescape warhunger Federation (video)

copy and paste the link into your url bar

black knights are the black cape

trwf is in yellow capes

enjoy :smiley:

how was that made? i want the program to do that!

its earthsome thing cant really rember the the thing to record with is camtastia. cant rember where to get it

You can download the Free Trial of Camtasia at

what level is the guy that recorded that?
i noticed that a lvl 101 was green! that means hes lvl 106+

god chaser hes lvl 110

and to every one i didnt know the video was so blurry

Yeah it was blurry and jumpy, but it might have just been the computer that I’m on.

that sheeps one was funny tahnks for the link! :wink:

i know they take loads of screenshots by repetadly pressing it and it makes a film

nice video though you coiuld have also made it by an animated gif in flash using screenshots and compiling em with multiple blank keyframes and then exporting it.

Looks like you killed a fair amount of people, with rune armour.

It was funny watching people being chased away from their bounty,lol.

That was neat.

that was cool im going to watch it again

hope this wrks

arrggggg from what i hear it sounds awesome but…
when i play it i only get the sound!!!
o ill try my comp at home im at school rite now :slight_smile:

hehe scholols don’t put sound chips in. all i can say is its a bit long and the grafixs could be better. otherwiseits great

i want to be in a war like that