black pl8 (t)

i am looking to buy black pl8(t), and a black kite (t),for a reasonable price. plz tell me whic u got and how much for it.

hey i have a black kite (t) so offer

how much u pay

how much is full black (t) worth?

r u going to buy

jeremy r u selling pl8 or kite?

both how much u pay

well ill how about 70 k for both?

i have a black kite (t) how much u pay for that?

30k u sell.

i`ll sell for 50k ok?

i dont have that mush to spend on that all i can spend on that is 35k

i`ll sell for 40k or black large (t)

how about 35k is all i can spend, so u sell to me or not?

nah u pay 40k and its urs but not 35k sry… :cry:

wat about 37?

i`ll sell 40k thats final