Black Rose Army Acepting lvls 3-40

The Black Rose Army

                Attention all runescape players! :yell:  :D 

The Black Rose Army is now recruiting!!!

There are jobs and lots of fun things to do!

There are cooking contests,fishing contests,and fashion contests!
Thats not all the "Contests"we have!!

To join, you cannot be in any other clan.(for certain reasons)

You need to have a full set of either preist gowns or monk gowns.

Levels 3-28:you wear preist gown
Levels 29-40 you wear monk gowns

We hold clan meetings in falidor garden. We have a place near there which is a big house but i need to take you there.

Peace :smiley:

did you wanna join my clan “”"""“IF”"""" you dont get N E progress??

Dude, sptcrt, STOP. Ur already advertising on ur sig, ur own thread, and several other threads. This seriously disrespects the creator of the thread.

ok . im jst making a suggestion but ok ill stop

Hey, I was just wonderin if i could join The Black Rose Army :slight_smile:

My Runescape Name’s Pazza654, My stats are -
Combat Lvl - 25
Attack - 21
Strength - 20
Defense - 20
Ranged - 7
Magic - 16
Hitpoints - 23
And Total Lvl - 232

My E-mails here b.t.w if u need it…