Blast From the Past

Many of you will not remember me, a few people might. This was the first runescape community i became a part of. It has been a long while since I last checked up on this site. After a long break i finally searched up an old friends name, Keyser520, and found the site was back up. It was down for a long period and I am un-aware currently of the status of the main site.

So, I may not be active, but i will probably keep an eye on the forums from time to time, now that things are back up. xD

It’s good to see that the site hasn’t died completely.

Eh, it’s pretty much dead already. One or two posts a week. But, welcome back. I hate these attention threads - we really should just have one big sticky thread “If you come back, post here.”

What happened, anyway?

Is it just me, or was this website down for quite a while?

I couldn’t get on it for the longest time.

Was down for what, six months or so? Maybe longer? I don’t think anyone knows why it was actually down.

Hey, I remember you :slight_smile:
Site went down for about half a year + because it was hacked by some weirdo forum. I don’t think it was directly to RSR but a bunch of vBulletin forums. For a few days it said something like “GET OWNED HACKED BY somethingsomething hackers”. Then it was just offline forever. :frowning: