Bluetooth iPod?

Well, according to some, Apple is going to produce an iPod with wireless Bluetooth to support headphones and the like.
Would you buy it?
:spin: Kingofallpie

Id buy it!

Isn’t the next iPod coming out an iVideo?


There’s your new iPod. Very hard to find some pictures that are real. Those two are believed to be mock-ups leaked from the Apple R&D department. Personally, I wouldn’t buy one, iPods have a reputation for terrible battery life (the batteries crap out after a few months of use), and, having borrowed an iPod for a few days, I’ve found they have terrible sound quality, especially with the standad earphones. I want to see what iRiver comes up with in response (had a look at tentative specifications for new iRiver and it seems to be quite cool).

Anyway, it’s a complete waste of money buying Bluetooth enabled mp3 players - what’s wrong with wires? They’re useful when you only want to listen in one ear…


I’ve got an iPod, but I wouldn’t buy that. It seems stupid.

Well think of it this way:
When this comes out, the Ipod video prices are going to drop considerably

Neither of those pics are real, either. Those are just mock-ups to illustrate the idea that many people think would be really cool–A touch screen iPod.

The screen would take up the entire ipod, and when you touch it, virtual click wheel would pop up for navigation. It’s a pretty neat idea, in my opinion. Apple apprently wants something to do with touchscreens, hence the patents they submitted not too long ago

Most people actually thought that it would come out on April Fool’s day (Apple’s 30th anniversary), but it didn’t, apparently due to some problem with the interface. It is now expected to be released sometime in Q4.

Here’s another pic that illustrates the idea much more clearly.

As for the bluetooth headphones, that sounds like a cool idea I think. I’d lose my headphones constantly if they were the same style as the current headphones now, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and as for the ‘real’ iPod Video (I say ‘real’ because this is apparently not the ‘official’ iPod video), I’m sure they’d fix the battery problems. If they’re going to release feature films in iTunes, they definitley wouldn’t have an iPod with a mere 1 and a half hour battery life for videos (As compared to the 14 hour battery life with music)

~~ Michaelks

wow blue tooth i pod that will be awsome ive been waiting for wireless headphones
theyde be easier to listin with in class

That sounds cool. With only Bluetooth sounds stupid.

The current iPods can already support video, and if Apple adds bluetooth so that you can wirelessly add songs to your iPod… well…
It would totally pwn the pants of the competition. Kind of like what apple has been doing for 3 years now.
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Cool, something will be better than it.

Oh well…

PSP still owns IPod

You go with your 1> gig of Music/Photos/Videos, I’ll go with my 30. :wink:

I’d defitneley buy one do yo know how much it would cost?

Knowing Apple, probably 300 bucks for the 30 gig version.
They don’t raise prices.
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The iPod with Video which is currently out costs nearly $700 AU and thats the 60 gigabyte version.

Ive got a iPod shuffle I think people dont need a video iPod because I would think everyone has a TV

Hello! That looks awesome. :open_mouth:

Yeah, well, you don’t have a video you can easily take with you.
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The ipod video is real, you just barely see it.