blurite bars

What if blurite ore was smithable? I made some pictures. Rate Out Of 10

my computer locks up when i try to view them

not very good pics but there ok 6/10

Pretty good, 8/10.
What’s that other stuff in the blurite bars pic?

yay i can see them now 8.5/10 you should have taken a screenshot of blurite ore, then copied that color instead of a normal blue

pretty good actually; i rate the 1st one 7/10, the second one 8.5/10 8)

Just some items I was holding when I took the pic so I covered them.

Just some items I was holding when I took the pic so I covered them.[/quote]
Oh, ok. Thanks.

10/10 thats a good idea and good pics

i like them they are ok 7/10 but u could have done better

Nice job!
7/10 8)
Keep up the good work! Try making more bluerite stuff, like a scimmy or something.

7/10 to dark of a blue… blurites more of a lighter color.

make full blurite available and make someone wearing it! Blurite (T/G) even

hmmm 4/10 but ur sig is kind bad
“noone can kill me”
magicel uses r2h hiits 4 18’s in a row and u die!!!111111

I have now made a picture of me holding a blurite longsword.

Try getting the real blurite color. 8)

I changed the blurite color

I will put me with blurite in my display picture soon

EDIT: I have put it in. I only changed the sword and shield

Should of used the same shade of blue as the blurite ore but 7/10 it’s OK.

i think u need to fix up the kite, otherwise 10/10
thats awsome

now that i look at it again 10/10 good pic but they should be here