Blurite ores

i need someone to get me blurite ores. e-mail me @ !

They’re non-tradable quest items (I think)

they are non-tradable item i am sure

The best thing to do is to ask for people to protect you. There are usually people in the cave training.

cant trade em, just get someone to protect u, it worked for me

Just equip only your pickaxe and don’t have anything in your inventory, then run lile hell down the dungeon and quickly mine a ore and run out of the dungeon.

u can also wait and train ure combat a bit

They are not tradeble. I agree that you should have ppl help guard you for the monsters. :slight_smile:

i have just ranned a lot and got it without even lost too much health, you don’t need anyone to protect you, take some food with you, and if you need health eat

just go on world 1 or 29 or with a high lvl friend who will kill them that what i did but now i train on them :stuck_out_tongue: