Bob the cat says...

Keep your password secret!

wats the point of this ?spammer and spammer

It’s just a little advice. :slight_smile:

:smiley: bob is the best but the thing is, i posted this a few months back

yeah please dude

rofl ive seen that ad :stuck_out_tongue:

it says something like ‘behold, the rarest item in runescape…YOUR PASSWORD!’



The most valuable item in RuneScape…


ok enough with the cheap sloggins…tap this post to “generic” referrances. maybe a spam forum at that.

Well, it’s original lol. Nothing more to say.

nice to put it in ur sig :wink:

Rofl. Thats cool :smiley:

Doh! why wasnt bob with me earlier! some noob told me my pass word would be censoreD!!! and i said it out loud 0.0

BD im great :slight_smile:


nice message :wink:


spam just spam dont repost anymore let it go away on its own time

Don’t tell me what to do, fat piggy. :slight_smile:

Bob the Cat sucks. I hated that Random he wasted like 20 minutes of my Runescape play time and he didn’t even give me anything when he’s under the gift givers section.

rat0x reb0rn? arent u ratox?

Yes, I’m Ratox.

And the next time someone tries to get your password, and you refuse, thank Bob!!