Bobo Strikes Again!!!!

Kk, We Were AT Fire Temple…And Bobo Attacked Wplayer!


And here is the link if u guys cant see it…

NO!!! im glad i wasnt there…hes attacked me before and trust me…i dont want that to happen again shudders

PS u guys there in world 10 right now? ill come have some fun if ya are :huge:

yea most of us are here!! Come now!!

w00t! I’m on there! I’m the one wiht the skull.

And bobo is still there after wplayer.

Ill come…though dont expect me to showoff any of my stuff like at any of the dances. since i got hacked i dont really have any armor cept decorative and rune :slight_smile:

Lmao Yeppers!

Its ok, thats why u should come to blinks drop party! hello?! ITs BLINK Here!!

Yay, I’m in the pic!!! :smiley:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

yep bobo was after me… he almost killed me!! the crude biastard… here look

Lol Kewl! cough hehe

bobo left now… cause i logged out :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i know

Im confused, who is bobo?

The evil drunken dwarf…

Oh now I feel kind of stupid

u may feel stupid but when u come here the 1st time… read the topics of brown wall he made bobo the RSR mascot

is bobo an attacking dwarf? sorry i ask, but i have never seen him before…

if u dont talk to him he attacks u…itws and rsr joke

kool im on there im the one with fremmy cape and fremmy boots(members)and full green dragon armor and yew bow =)