I was thinking or boot weapons, kinda like mith bootsand rune bots…accept like u weild them as your weapon, like a weapon for your foot. and u cant weild any other weapons, and you could kick with them like they were your primary weapon.

That’s both good and funny idea. Kicking with Dragon spiked boots. Ouch!

Yeah i thought it would work.

Nah… It would be pretty dumb.

they have armored boots, never seen them? look,

I mean I guess Jagex could allow the armored boots to attack with though even if they did, I’m sure they wouldn’t put much of an attack bonus when attacking with the boots… Not a bad idea though… You technically would be able to do that while wearing the armored boots but without a weapon and just attack with the aggresive mode and you’d be kicking your opponent with your armored boots… Too bad they’re members only… Man, I’d love to get my hands… Well feet on some rune armored boots…

Yea it wouldnt be very good of a weapon. They should make like rune gloves or black gloves. thatd be awesome! or like Zammy or Sara or Guthx boots. theyd be rune blue with the symbol on em…just an idea :smiley:

Well…i meant like spiked boots that you could kick with, the abysal whip doesnt seem like it would be a very strong weapon but it is, Well perhaps like spiked gloves you can attack with? That would be awsome!

Well perhaps like spiked gloves you can attack with? That would be awsome!

There’s already a variation of that… Claws… I also heard claws have pretty fast attack speed and their attack bonuses aren’t that bad either for their speed… Maybe they can’t even compare to the Abyssal Whip but yeah… Spiked boots could be an ok addition though even then I wouldn’t count on Jagex to make it anything special… Maybe a decent attack bonus but I wouldn’t count on expecting anything special like special attacks, a good accuracy, or good attack speed…