bout nato and kinda

why you americans always think bout war?yes atreide you made topic bout china or something and all the americans are against china or some
why must america the strongest country and why not the richest or the most loved country…wel americans it must be in your blood :lol: :lol:
killing people to…

why not responding atreide,infil,ded you where the guys talked mostlikely in the topic NATO

There has never been a world power that was seen as the most loved country… Maybe the richest but never the most loved… I would think that the world power that comes closest to that is either ancient Rome (Who kinda forced people they conquered to love them) or America since so many people want to come into the country… Actually, I don’t think I can name a country, prefecture, or division that has ever been loved by half of the world, not counting using force to get the love of your people…

you think anchient rome but many people forgot or dont want to know the history of turkey… i think its an facinating world power search a bit more bout it and i can gurantee youll love it :lol:
no i agree with you geminiman there isnt a world power or there wasnt (i think)
that was loved much:D

To tell you the truth… I don’t ever recall Turkey being a world power in history… Maybe part of one when the Ottoman Empire was joined in alliance for the First World War with Germany and Austria-Hungary… But yeah, I’m sure it’s a fascinating country that doesn’t get looked upon much… But hey, Korea doesn’t get that much looked onto itself compared to Japan and China… Those three being the main Oriental countries…

Edit: I think Turkey has a good World Cup Tournament team… Went to the finals with Brazil but Brazil is known most because of their World Cup team… Sorry about that loss though… I think that game was shown on Korean TV for the two weeks after the World Cup ended… But the Italy vs. South Korea game was shown more since it was in Korea and because I personally thought that was the best game played in the World Cup that year…

First of all, don’t double post again.


The United States does not “love” war. We had 3,000 people killed on our soil because of the most severe hatred of the western civilization by a group of terrorists. We retalliated, and have rid of the world of hundreds of terrorists, either by capture or death. We want to help peace in the world. We constantly give out money or troops to those in need [The tsunami in Asia testifies to that].

Heh… Did you know that Sandra Bullock has contributed more to the Tsunami Crisis than President Bush… Not saying that I don’t like him or anything… I just find that kinda funny… Correct me if I’m wrong cause the last time I heard S. Bullock contributed a million dollars and Bush contributed $10,000… BTW, and for us to be contributing that much, we still are one of the most hated countries in the world at the moment, if not the most hated country in the world… I don’t know why but oh well…

I don’t like war at all. Why can’t we all just get along?

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if it was just as easy to do than said… Yeah, the world would be a better place but human instinct goes against a peaceful world… It’s sad but were only a few people out of the 6.5 or so billion people out there…

War is inevitable. It is in human kind’s fate to destroy ourselves. no matter what we do, there can never be world peace.

Sandra Bullock has so much money from her movies and I’m not sure if the President’s yearly paycheck is very high…

If your talking about power to control a country, Bush can do that. If your talking about having a high pay check, you should go ask an actor/actress, they make im guessing like 5 times more than Bush, easy. Maybe Bush should start being an actor, that would be pretty funny. On the topic of Americans always thinking about war thats not true, but if 3000 of your people die, in your country, you are going to want some major payback. Although im not a Bush fan, I would have to say whoever was the president would have to fight back to that kind of terrorism. I’ve been looking over the HoL topic, and now I wish our school would teach us about that, because to tell you the truth im having trouble understanding some of the concepts (NATO is a little confusing) but what do you expect, im 12. I think that World Peace can’t really happen because of the fear that a country will attack after they have disarmed, which every country would think.


Yeah but you don’t see people like Julia Roberts (If I remember correctly, she is the highest payed actor) and Brad Pitt (He probably gets paid a lot too since he’s been in so many friggin movies lately) contributing… Plus Julia Roberts is also known for her generosity in contributing to disaster funds or charities… Hmm… Oh well… BTW, I’m not saying that Bush should be paying more or anything it’s just that I find it kinda funny that Sandra Bullock of all people has contributed more than the President…

Its a simple story if whos loaded and who isnt, and Sandra is, and Bush because his job is about leading, not money, isn’t. I think for the president to donate 10k of his own money when he isn’t exactly the richest is great, because I think hes trying to get stars like Julia Roberts to follow his lead, which im guessing many will do.

I think I remember reading somewhere that the president only makes 100k+, maybe even less. He’s setting an example to other people to donate to the tsunami aid relief fund.

Did you also know that Sandra bullock is one of the biggest humanitarians in the world? That is why she donates tons of money, also because she can. also have to say that I am not a fan of Bush, but what he was able to do took a lot of balls, and frankly, I didn’t know he had it in him. Everyone hates America because we are the world power. We didn’t suffer as badly as Europe did due to the world wars and we didn’t suffer as bad as Africa and South America because of de-colonization. America has suffered the least from any other country and it is because of that that we are the world power. We also contribute the most of any country, and yet we are hated. How many times have we helped people out with their wars and then when we ask for help, we get turned down. If anyone should get yelled at for not doing something, it is those other countries.

im proud to be an american,although i dont really think the american capitalistic system works…

what about the British?the Bloody Sunday Massacre,that massacre in India?

French-massacre in Algiers

apartheid in South Africa

Japanese-bombed Pearl Harbour

Germans-2,000,000 Jews dead (of course,that wasnt the whole nation of Germany,just the Nazis)

Chinese-Tianmian (sp?) Square

Kosovo-been at war for who knows how long

its not in anyone’s blood.

we just like to remind you all of our power!

Big Brother is Watching You!

If George bush donated, lets say $500 000, the money wouldn’t come straight from his pocket. He would probably raise taxes and contribute all the extra money to the fund.