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You guys AGAIN? 50th topic and still not wanted WOW! It would look better if you spelt the words properly roflmao.

go away arc don’t post on here again if you are not going to join

No thanks, I suppose it’s good for the public to know you’ve been banned 5 times. Or did you not want to include that fact?

hey man ill join your clan it looks pretty sweet rs account is ice_man30000

Look, arcdemons, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This is a recruiting thread, not a “OMG!!!111!!! BOS R SOOOO N00BY!!!111111 LOL111!!” thread, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s basically spam :bored:.

And in case you haven’t noticed, having 120+ members does NOT mean “you’re not wanted”. And the times he was banned ON RSR NOT RS was when his cousin, I believe teazer, logged into his account and posted spam and flaming. Also, the times he’s been banned are closer to 3.

~The bad man has spoken

well, good luck recruiting, and no flaming arc

Fire giants,bronze dragon, and 5vs5 war this week all starting on the 25th to the 27th.

hi i was woondering if a lvl 70 could jion?
its name is dumbset
give me a shout plz?

bos dispanded because arnan scammed a member danno6011. Arnan wanted to try a whip and being really nice danno gave it to him to borrow no matter how stupid that was he did it kindly now danno does not have a whip i dnt have a clan and arnan is a idiot. Any1 got a clan for me to joinn lvl 73 i will go to 75 quickly though so if reqs are 75+ please get in touch. I am good in the clan as i was leader of bos and worked my way to that positon.

lol i would never give a whip to someone to borrow

dont even trust yuor clan leader

OMG !!! First I feel bad that BOS disbanded cause they are close clan friends!!! and now I find out that its arnans fault!! WHY!

Just ticks me off…you are welcome to join the stone warriors if you would like


You guy s are pathetic liers!!!
You make up a story and since arnan doesnt have a good reputation on rsr everyone buys it!!! well not me! You guys are liers and everyone needs to know that! losers…

well then why cant i get on clan forums

an wtf r u talking about?

Join Phobia :slight_smile: Its the second largest junior clan. phobia.ingame.org :slight_smile:

sorry but i was not lieing arnan even try to blame me he sed that he mad a fake showing i sed sell the whip and split the cash, which i didnt, you can ask danno6001, stokenut, soccalkid0, biggun5hot, pyroclastic0, chaos tayoko any1 in bos!

All I am saying is that with no proof you should just keep quite…he is quiting RS anyways I dont see why he would steal a good item then quit…look man I am going to try and not take sides but with no PROOF all you said could just be a big lie…

no its true danno got scammed out of a whip… then agin i have no idea y he would lend a kid he doesnt know his whip but watever

Give me the forums, I’ll show you a bloody pic. I’m good at finiding this stuff.

Yeah you have a point that i dont have proof but it is true arnan hasnt left rs he still playing it. He said he was going to france but on the smae day he apparently moved he was on rs and said his wireless laptop connected to the telphobe wire outside. He could of stole the whip because he was going to sell his account when he leaves rs and the whip would increase the price i promise i am not lieing danno is my friend up the road.

edit: if he was going to leave rs wouldnt he just give me the clan or chaos or pyro as we were all second in command why do you think he left bos and made it finish so abruptly.

he leff so you can’t bother him hes joining DG in my thought,about the danno story i havnt heard of it but in my thought it’d be true