Brothers in arms

This is just a Poem I wrote for a poetry assignment and some of my mates thought it was good so I decided to post it here…Enjoy :).


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=5]Brothers in arms

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]I see the gaunt faces,
[CENTER]Marching through the streets.
Torn from their brothers,
Together where they sleep.

Innocents have suffered,
Honourable soldiers dead.
Politicians at home,
Safe from harm and dread.

What happened to the soldier’s pledge?
Protect the weak and innocents.
Now we fight in unjust wars,
Bringing wrath upon our shores.

Young men sacrificed their lives,
[CENTER]Torn from their children and their wives.
I plea to thee lay down your bloodied arms,
Return to your family and your farms.

I see the gaunt faces,
Marching through the streets.
Standing with their brothers,

The price that’s paid was steep.[/CENTER]

[LEFT]Rate or hate if you must…[/LEFT]

Wonderful! Much better than mine’s. Mind giving me some tips please? :slight_smile: Please? I need to know how to make sense in my poems lol.

Pretty mcuh noone likes poetry here or at least not my poetry.

Lets see pointers…Well you have to actually mean what your writing/typing. You can’t really create something meaningful that you either haven’t been involved in, be touched by the experience or have an understnading of the topic. Not all poens have to rhym it can just be your feelings.

Yeah I know about the doesn’t need to ryhme part, but I like rhyming. It sounds fun. That’s some good pointers! You should teach a class for money or something. Yeah I don’t think people look at this section of the forum lol.

I think it’s a good poem :slight_smile:
Rep for you =D

Thank you :). And how do you see your rep?

Click your scale on your post.

Very nice. Parts of it I can really feel, especially the price paid was too steep and the young men sacrificed their lives, I lost an uncle in Iraq so yea…

Or at user cp

Thanks guys it helps :). I think I may post some other poems of mine.

Lovely, and very meaningful at this time in our lives.
Good work, please write more :slight_smile:

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