brown cape?

i keep on seeing brown capes and i worship sara so i want one because it goes with robe… i can’t figure out how to get one… anyone know?

i think its a fremik cape

well i was a member and i just quit members yesterday i did frem trails and they dont sell them! and im seeing them in free worlds

it might be from another new quest they made but free ppl can use them

maybe, im just wondering cuz it goes with monk robes

Most likely, it’s an orange cape. Orange capes kind of look brown. You have to mix a red dye and a yellow dye and use it on any colored cape. You now have an orange cape that looks brown. However, I may be totally wrong.

OgoTheFat is right, there isnt orange cape, that cape that u see and u think that brown, is orange, i have 1 myself, if u want 1 just PM and ill sell u 1.

ok ty

is there a brown dye? jus wondering

Unfortunately, there isn’t a brown dye.

It is a fremenik cape…

They turned frem boots brown ruining my costume :(.