buddy shop

i really want to start a shop and have a partner if anyone can help with post here and if u can make a button for our shop that would be nice

r u taking orders yet

no as it said i want a partner in this


ill b ur partner. examples of my buddies in sig

froto i can make u one

buddy shop is off

why is the buddy shop off?

because i lost the buddy programs i had

u dont u get them bak i can take care of the business while u do

ill have a full sara guy with staff and bookplease 120X120 pixels please nikko 01 ty


ok heres urs jinzo


just change the a at the end to a ] and it shud wrk if it doesnt just tell me

ps i cudnt get the pixels exactly 120x120 so its 120x116 i hope thats ok

soz bout the double post but i dont think u can use the code i hope the pics ok tho