buh bye money, hello dedmenwalkn

Dedmenwalkn need money, so being the nice duy I am, I can’t just sit there and watch! So I lent him 2mil. *note: These are also proof unless he scams me ;). :stuck_out_tongue: I know he wouldn’t what will a level 118 do with 2m?

Then he needed more :stuck_out_tongue: So I gave him 1.4m :slight_smile:

NEWS! dedmenwalkn claimed that he was hacked, but he told theknight first that he wasn’t. Now I can’t get my money back.

Ded also promised me that he didn’t hack nor scam me. I trust him. so its closed on this matter.

you wanna give me 2 mill?

:blockhead -The dude

wow your nice ! :slight_smile:

I am poor now =( I gave him 3.4m total.


~:crazy: spartan

lol probably needed for whip!!! or barrows stuff!1 hope you use it nicely ded! and thats nice connor!!! think of me though! =)

He needed for buying a whip, he says he only needs it for 2 minutes or so. =\

I need 500K hint

lol your nice… but thats frickin weird… maybe hes gonna merchant a whip?

Hey, that sure was nice of you to give’ em 2+m. T.T

Well, now I know you own me…Your a higher lvl and you make more money :sigh: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am even ranked the 16th at the most posted member ;0

I am mad right now, he said he was hacked…

DOUBLE POST!!!11!!1 Yeah its kinda obvious, he got hacked and thought people would trust him. Yoooooouuurrr faaault. Shouldve asked him rsr trivia questions…

~:crazy: spartan

I thought he never would be hacked =( But here is the tricky part, he also told theknight my friend that he wasn’t hacked 10 seconds earlier :wink:

lol that ***** lets all rape him for lying.

~:crazy: spartan

But maybe he wasn’t I don’t know. Now theknight asked him that I told him. He said he was hacked. Maybe if he was ncie he would take a “video” not just a screnshot of his bank. Sorry if I am acting untrustworthy, but I am poor right now, and he said he only needed it for 2minutes.

So dedmen just scammed u of 3.4m? Lol…

Lol… And a lvl insert lvl here cant make his own money?

He promised me that he didn’t so I guess I will trust him.

Why would he lie about being hacked? The hacker is just saying that he’ll give it back so he has time to transfer it to an account… :butthead:

~:crazy: spartan