Burger King or Mc Donalds?

Whitch do you like more? Explain why. I like burgerking beacause of their fries and burgers, I dont really have a taste for Mc Donalds.

I only prefer McDonalds over Burger King, only with the fact that McDonalds serves more than Burger King and for the exact same price… Otherwise, I don’t care… It’s fast food that’s bad for your body but food that’s just there to be eaten when you’re hungry… Both are food, both are edible without side effects so I don’t really have a preference… As you can see, I am a glutton or a person without too many preferences…

Lol, any one else? Stop viewing and post!

I like mc donalds better… but doesnt mc donalds sell more burgers than burger king?? lol

Micky Ds ok…but i perfer da king…

P.S. any way jack in da box is da BOMB!

Dude, what are you talking about jack in the box for?!

u guys are lucky to have a burger king because… the burger king by my house changed into a burger delight. it sucks. but burger king

Lmfao! Man same thing happened when i was like 6, they changed circus pizza into chuckie cheese=[ Lol, they took all the good stuff out =/

i dont have a b king by my house. but where i use to live i had one…

Burger King for me out of those options, just cause theres burgers are more juicy and there fries taste liek home made. but over mcdonlds and b king, i would pick wendys. Best Bacon Double Cheese burgers ever!

Dangit! I thought i made this a pole, oh well people keep posting

       Burger King owns!!!!

BK, but I dont eat fast food. McDonalds is barely able to be classified as food. (If their cheese had 1% more of a particular chemical it would be classified as a plastic). BK is a little better. The only fast food I think is actually good is In N’ Out Burger, but that’s only in CA. (The fries ARE homemade, and the burgers are made fresh.)

Well, I like the burgers from both places but better at McDonalds…buuuuuuut…burger king has crispy, and spicier chicken than McDonalds…plus, fries…So, i guess both…though i do like the deserts at McDonalds! I cant choose…sorry i like them both equal…

Lol, w00t I think BK is winning
P.S: I’m eating burger king atm lol.

The only fast food I think is actually good is In N’ Out Burger, but that’s only in CA. (The fries ARE homemade, and the burgers are made fresh.)

If you want good homemade burgers and fries, you should have Fuddruckers… They give you a LOT depending on how big you want a burger… (From 1/2 pound to a whole pound…) But then again, Fuddrucker’s isn’t really fast food as you have to wait for it to be prepared, which is a rarity in fast food restaurants…

Burger King lacks a certian fast-food quality in my opinion. I like Mc Donalds. I eat breakfast there about every Sunday… But then again, like Gemeni said, food is food, it doesn’t really matter, it all goes to your stomach…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

NEITHER. Burger King is pretty similar to McDonalds, actually, startlingly similar, and the last time I ate at McDonalds I got an ecoli. I was sick for a whole week.

Also: ever ever think about WHY McDonalds only charges a dollar for the stuff on the dollar menu?

I’m not sure about this… Burger King has, well, good burgers lol, and McDonalds has other good things like milkshakes. But I really don’t care about fast food because I’m an athlete and I don’t wanna lose my athleticism :P… So I’d have to say neither

MCDONALDS!!!I love McDonalds.

Wat r some of u saying, McDonalds well rules. 8O no compertion