buy santa hat for 7,1 mil rs gold

topic said all

7.1 mil?? i saw them selling for 18 mil last night.

maybe u saw some sold for 8 mil but i dont belive u saw one sell for 18 mil and find a buyer

  • plz close topic i buy one for 6999 k now

actually yes, i did see people buying them for 18 million. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, 18 mill, dude u like seeing things? They would never go for 18 mill…

man santa is like 6.5M to wat i saw at night in world 1

God I must say… Just last year these things were .5 million… AHHH just think if you were to buy like 20 of these at this low price… I would say SH are now about 17 mill

if you were on a year or two ago they were all like 500k
and phats were no more than 10m for any one.

ROFL…17mil…u’re mad!

no way 18mill… i was playign last year they were really 500k?? i should have bought alot. and sell them now muhahah